Wardrobe Locker WI

Product overview

NIEROS® Wardrobe Locker WI is a safe and convenient solution for clothes and footwear storage. With a divided section for clean and dirty clothes as well as ventholes for proper ventilation, they offer maximum convenience. Adjustable plastic legs of 150 mm in height ensure stability on uneven surfaces. It has an inclined dustproof top and perforated doors with a key lock to safely store all the items.

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Product specifications



  • Available in different wardrobe dimensions and number of doors (1, 2 or 4)
  • Padlockable knob (in place of a key)
  • Perforated doors of 10 x 10 mm
  • Bench
  • Legs of 300 mm in height


  • Minimal contamination risk in the food-processing industry
  • In compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards, such as HACCP, IFS and NSF
  • Fully comprehensive hygiene solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business process
  • High-functioning, state-of-the-art and easy-to-use equipment
  • Produced in-house

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