Meat processing equipment for any type of product

Meat processing equipment provided by Nieros is durable and consequently long-lasting, easy to clean and user friendly. Furthermore, machines are cost and time-effective. In Nieros, we provide a wide range of custom food processing line solutions and effectively meet the needs of food production, specialized in meat, poultry, fish and seafood, vegetable, fruit, bakery and confectionery, diary and other food processing lines.
Meat processing equipment is mostly made of stainless steel and other high-quality built-in parts, which ensure long life-span of industrial meat processing equipment. In addition, we offer quick and efficient service, when needed.

Meat processing equipmentDue to great importance of high hygiene level, meat processing equipment is easy to clean

Due to the great importance of hygiene in food processing industry, meat processing equipment is easy to clean and to maintain, furthermore, it is in compliance with the highest hygiene standards. All of our meat processing equipment products minimize food contamination risk and conform to the requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF.
All of the meat processing equipment is effectively digitally monitored for time-cost optimization. This will offer your employees some addition time to optimise the process even more. Last but not least, all our products are produced in-house and made of high-quality stainless steel to meet the highest quality requirements and to ensure long life-span of meat processing equipment.
All of our meat processing equipment solutions is available online. Visit our web site and take a look onto poultry processing equipmentpork processing equipment and other meat processing equipment for sale. In addition, we offer adapted meat processing equipment solutions for our customers with special requirements.

Not only meat processing equipment but also hygiene equipment solutions

Furthermore, we are also offering you other types of products. Don’t miss varied offer of storage system solutions and hygiene system solutions which can be a life saver in meat processing industry, due to the high hygiene standard demanded. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you more detailed information about meat processing equipment or any other type of product, when needed.

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