From smoke-curing trays, smoke sticks, Euro stacking containers or plastic crates to knife baskets, NIEROS® accessories are essential to the optimization of your food production processes. Made from high-quality EU materials, NIEROS® meat processing equipment is reliable, multipurpose and, above all, long lasting.

NIEROS® smoke-curing trays form part of a smoke trolley used during the meat-smoking process, also serving transportation purpose, whereas aluminium smoke sticks are designed to hold meat products during thermal treatment. Available in different sizes to match your production specifics and conveyor belts, NIEROS® Euro stacking containers or plastic crates are essential food transport units as well, and as such, indispensable to the food transportation chain. Last but not least, NIEROS® must-have list also includes the AISI type 304 stainless steel knife basket designed to safely store knives, grindstones and gloves.