Food-Specific Processing Lines

All NIEROS® food processing lines are fully customized, enabling every customer to overcome the biggest production challenges, whether in terms of time, productivity or space constraints.

Whether your production capacities are small or large, no challenge is too big and no solution too small for NIEROS® experts. It is a great honour and privilege for us to help you, whatever your specifics and requirements. We understand food processing specifics in a wide array of food industries and provide solutions for every processing phase—from the delivery of raw materials to the production area all the way to the packaging of final food products.

  • Red meat processing lines
  • Poultry processing lines
  • Marination processing lines
  • Fish processing lines
  • Food-mixture weighing lines
  • Bakery processing lines
  • Fruit and vegetable processing lines

Following the latest trends in food production, NIEROS® food processing lines are designed specifically for meat, poultry, fish and seafood, bakery, fruit and vegetable as well as food-mixture weighing and marination processing lines. Standard or fully customized, NIEROS® meat and fish processing lines, for example, are perfect for small-scale or complex production plants, covering all processing phases such as cutting, deboning, portioning, slicing and packaging. Fully automated, safe and cost- and time-efficient, all NIEROS® food processing line solutions comply with the strictest requirements of HACCP, NSF and IFS for ultimate food safety while ensuring smooth material flow and significantly reducing food waste.