Lift Systems

NIEROS® lift systems are a convenient and ergonomic lifting solution designed to lift different load classes to a height of up to 6 metres for further handling, tilting, dosing or stacking and retrieving.

Every lifting device can be designed as fully mobile to be used in various working environments for multiple work tasks. The devices can be equipped with a broad assortment of lifting attachments specific to your needs in order to handle different types of bins, barrels, boxes, and various packaging materials.

NIEROS® lift systems introduce various types of lifting devices for efficient handling of different load classes. With adjustable lifting and tilting height, NIEROS® electric single-column lifter is designed to lift and handle Eurobins as well as dosing and emptying containers and barrels. Handling barrels, stackable tanks, containers, boxes and packages, NIEROS® pneumatic single-column lifter, however, is designed for operation in high-risk areas and work environments with flammability hazard as there are no electronic components and no danger of sparks.

double safety system, consisting of NIEROS® Safety Lock, Hold & Work principle and Soft Stop & Start function, is installed in all NIEROS® lifters to enable gentle lifting without any thrust or vibration and prevent any abrupt movements or swings of the elevated load, protecting the unit from damage. Its robust and innovative design, coupled with all the safety features, provides a safe work environment, significantly reducing the risk of injury and time spent on handling the load, which, in turn, results in high productivity and reduced labour costs.