Industrial Washers

Optimal hygiene is an absolute must; even more so in all food-processing enterprises and other industries where precision is imperative. When choosing the optimal industrial washing machine, high performance, efficiency and quality are of vital importance.

NIEROS® fully comprehensive industrial washing machine range is the answer to a variety of businesses where superior washing performance is expected, going hand in hand with user-friendly operation and low operating costs.

With one of the NIEROS® washing machines, any dirty item can be washed quickly and thoroughly. Its multipurpose or specialized washing machines are perfect for washing standardized items such as Euro stacking containers or plastic crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, Euro-pallets, baskets and Eurobins while the fully customized machines meet clients’ specific needs and requirements. With this in mind, NIEROS® washing units are geared to the latest technology and available in many different versions.

NIEROS® professional washing machines are not only cost-effective, owing to optimal water consumption and efficient energy use, but also comply with various standards and certificates such as ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS.


  • Superior washing performance during the entire cleaning process
  • User-friendly operation with adjustable washing parameters and easy access to spray nozzles and water tanks
  • Water recycling
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High-quality built-in parts
  • Standardized for common items or fully customized to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements
  • In compliance with the highest quality requirements and HACCP, IFS and NSF International standards
  • Fully comprehensive industrial washing solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business