Tipping and Tilting Equipment

Innovative, ergonomic and flexible design of NIEROS® tipping and tilting equipment enables easy, quick and safe material handling such as dosing, emptying, cleaning and weighing to achieve superior performance and impeccable hygiene.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and European components, NIEROS® material handling equipment, tipping and tilting devices in particular, is the answer to all high-risk production areas with low ceilings in pursuit of efficient and safe handling of Eurobins, various tanks and containers, boxes and barrels with different contents. A double safety system, i.e. NIEROS® Safety Lock, Hold & Work principle and Soft Stop & Start function, enables gentle tipping and tilting of the load, protecting the unit from damage.

Apart from NIEROS® lifter and tilter for handling various items, NIEROS® tipping and tilting equipment includes bin tilters and wash frames designed specifically for safe, effortless emptying and cleaning of bins from an elevated position, creating a smooth workflow and superior hygiene.