Work Area

Work area is a central part of every food processing production where manual food handling such as cutting, sorting, portioning, slicing and packaging takes place. Consisting of single or multiple workstations, every work area needs to follow the ergonomic and safety principles leading to work simplification and higher productivity.

NIEROS® food processing equipment features stainless steel rotary turntables and telescopic conveyors—a convenient and hygienic solution for any food processing industry in need of optimal material handling.

Available in different sizes, heights and rotational speed models, NIEROS® food-processing rotary turntable accumulates products from production lines before continuing to other lines or undergoing the packaging process, while fully customized food-processing telescopic conveyor allows simple and fast loading and unloading of trailers as it can cover the entire loading area. With adjustable length, height and working speed, NIEROS® food-processing conveyor minimizes any unnecessary manual lifting and handling of the load.