Essential Equipment

NIEROS® industrial equipment is indispensable to the optimization of work processes, providing fundamental support to all manufacturers in pursuit of the highest hygiene standards in food industry. Our diverse range of products is constructed in high-quality stainless steel for low maintenance, longevity and durability, following the latest trends in the food processing industry.

NIEROS® essential equipment features desks and worktables; bins, containers and tanks; trolleys; accessories and utensils; railings, wall and corner impact protection, cooling tanks and ham presses; and last but not least, drains—all designed to meet your production specifics.

Available in various sizes and custom features, NIEROS® industrial worktables, used as cutting boards or worktops, or industrial accessories such as smoking trays and sticks, Euro crates or Euro stacking containers, bins, tanks and trolleys cover all stages of food production and comply with the strictest HACCP, IFS and NSF standards.