Pack Sanitizing Machine CLT SA

Product overview

NIEROS® Pack Sanitizing Machine CLT SA is an effective solution for sanitizing various vacuum-packed products, whether in buckets, bags, tins or on trays.

It can accommodate up to 300 items of sanitization with maximum dimensions of 800 x 500 x 400 mm per hour.

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Product specifications


Sustainable Solutions

Water recycling system effectively reduces water consumption by reusing fresh rinse water in other cleaning phases. The machine collects the rinse water to make it available either for a pre-washing or cleaning phase. As a result, the machine consumes significantly less freshwater in both these phases.

Double filtering system prolongs the pump’s lifespan by ensuring that the double-filtered water flowing through the pump contains no dirt particles.

Low water level protection stops the machine in case of insufficient water level in the system, preventing damage to the pump and heating elements that could appear in case of dry operation.


A variety of options and additional equipment is available with this model. For more information, please consult NIEROS® experts, distributors or dealers.

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