Total Intralogistics and Material Handling Solutions

NIEROS® helps you manage your internal production processes as economically as possible by providing fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable stainless steel solutions for internal logistics systems and material handling.

Designed primarily for the specific needs of food processing industry, NIEROS® intralogistics and material handling solutions include

  • transport systems,
  • food processing lines,
  • material handling equipment, and
  • warehouse systems.

Performance optimization is embraced in every NIEROS® intralogistics system, resulting in cost- and time-effective production. Developed according to specific needs of every single customer, our solutions provide optimized production process and smooth material flow while paying special attention to quality, hygiene requirements, performance, ergonomics and work simplification.


  • Ergonomic design for better comfort and productivity
  • Rationalized production lines and performance optimization
  • Effective digital monitoring for time-cost optimization
  • Improved in-house material flow
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Fully comprehensive and customized intralogistics solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your production process
  • Developed by NIEROS® experts, yet inspired by our clients
  • In compliance with the highest quality requirements and hygiene standards
  • Numerous possibilities of additional operations and functions

WE DO IT ALL—From Idea to Optimized Production Process

All NIEROS® intralogistics and material handling solutions are fully customized to address customer’s individual needs and requirements. Every solution is developed with full support of NIEROS® experts, all the way from a simple idea to its final implementation and after-sales support.

Covering the entire intralogistics and material handling processes, including transport, loading, food cutting, sorting, order picking, labelling and storage, NIEROS® solutions guarantee a smooth and optimized material flow respecting ISO, HACCP, IFS and other standards for the manipulation of delicate goods.