A boot and glove dryer ensure impeccable hygiene standards

A boot and glove dryer is paramount in every production or manufacturing setting. An innovative appliance was designed for cleaning and drying footwear and successfully removing contaminants. It comes in different shapes and sizes, ensuring it fits every manufacturing or production plant. Industrial dryers for sale on the market play a critical role in preventing bacteria, pathogens and viruses from spreading. Many industries have a demanding habitat and structured hygienic environment to prevent microbial cross-contamination. Failure to achieve impeccable cleanliness standards would have irreversible consequences. Cleaning the shoes and boots is one of the criteria that must be met when entering a work area. An industrial boot and shoe dryer is a crucial part of the sanitation system. Before personnel enter the production plant, they must change the footwear and thoroughly clean it. Effective disinfection kills the bacteria, prevents cross-contamination and neutralises odours. Such an instrument is often part of a carefully planned hygiene strategy and works simultaneously with a hand disinfection station. That guarantees an efficient and fast cleaning process and minimised product contamination. The continuous advancements in technology provided state-of-the-art equipment, preventing dirt and pathogens from having a chance to thrive. 

Boot and glove dryer

What impact does a boot and shoe dryer have in the production area? 

Industrial dryers for sale from a global manufacturer NIEROS are made of high-quality stainless steel. Advanced engineering provides the personnel with complete support and service in transportation, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical and agricultural industries. Comprehensive products understand the specific needs of diverse facilities and provide them with customised solutions, optimising both the cost and working process. Modern solutions such as a boot and shoe dryer are functional, sustainability-oriented and versatile. Customised solutions are based on a long tradition and support of the latest technology. Boot and glove dryer helps to prevent cross-contamination while providing comfort and safety to the personnel. Dirty boots and damp gloves lead to discomfort, increasing the likelihood of health risks and accidents. They are also a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria and fungi. In some environments, hygiene is more vital than in others. In manufacturing or food processing plants is essential to maintain an odour-free and clean workspace. A boot and glove dryer is an effective, efficient and user-friendly apparatus guaranteeing a safe and hygienic workplace. Many industry plants rely on the appliances, contributing to their time-cost optimisation and meeting the necessary quality standards. 

Industrial dryers for sale are sustainable and user-friendly


Boot and glove dryer is a sustainable, eco-friendly and quality-focused product that helps to maintain impeccable hygiene standards. Technologically refined knowledge brought new solutions for long-term success and high-quality items. It ensured methodical and fast footwear cleaning upon entering or leaving the work area. The equipment is easy to use, cost-effective, and quick to proceed. It has fantastic features such as an automatic dosage of sanitiser, easy-to-change brushes with no tools needed and adjustable height. The industrial dryers for sale have a hygienic design and smooth surface finish available in different cleaning-line lengths and types of brushes. The various brushes allow the personnel to clean either the sides of the shoes, the soles or the entire footwear. There is also a diverse range of add-on units to combine with products' basic versions, so the thorough and easy boot cleaning is tailored to plant specifics. A boot and shoe dryer complies with all the necessary standards, requirements and laws while maintaining minimum energy consumption. Fully comprehensive sanitation solutions minimise contamination risk and adjust to the cleaning process of the manufacturing area. 

 Industral boot dryer


Boot and glove dryer ensures that the production area always stays in pristine condition


Industrial dryers for sale are often part of the unique hygiene solution tailored to the specific manufacturing or production facility. They are usually combined with footwear and hand-cleaning stations, preventing cross-contamination and guaranteeing the work area is safe and pristine. Boot and shoe dryer was designed for drying, sanitisation and storing all work shoes and boots. The exceptional appliance reduces moisture and eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving the footwear functional, dry, safe, comfortable and ready to use. It is made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) with a round pipe holder where heated air is exhausted. With electronically adjustable drying time, it allows up to 8 optimal drying cycles (per day). How many pairs of boots can dry up and store depends on the chosen model. The number varies anywhere between 10 to 80 pairs. A boot and glove dryer has a robust construction with a sloping dust-proof top and a sliding door, making it easy to use. It can also be equipped with valves that (in the absence of boots) block air circulation. That is the energy-saving option, forcing all drying power to the pipes. The device produces ozone to disinfect the footwear. Ozone kills the bacteria, pathogens, microbes and bacteria, leaving the footwear odour-free.