All NIEROS® hand cleaning solutions can be combined with a wide range of stainless steel accessories to further improve the user experience and enhance hygiene efficiency.

Wall-mounted or attached to a washbasin, NIEROS® accessories such as industrial waste basket, universal agent dispenser, paper towel dispenser, paper roll holder and waste sack holder are indispensable to any production area, let alone those with a considerable number of personnel. With a liquid-level indicator and a reservoir of 1000-ml capacity, the universal agent dispenser speeds up the hand cleaning process.

Whether you choose NIEROS® paper towel dispenser or paper roll holder to dry your hands, they both feature an easy towel refill and a pull-and-tear system. Upon disposing of the paper towel, the effective lid on NIEROS® waste sack holders keeps your work area clean and odour-free.

Constructed in high-quality stainless steel for longevity and reliability, all NIEROS® hand cleaning machines allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, which is vital in providing proper sanitation and hygiene practices.