Transportation Equipment

NIEROS® delivers manual and battery-operated transportation equipment used to lift cargo to the desired working height. Designed to handle pallets, boxes and containers of various shapes and sizes while providing secure long- and short-distance transport of light- or heavy-duty loads within production facilities, NIEROS® transportation equipment is indispensable in any production area aiming at lowering the physical demands of manual work tasks and creating a smooth workflow, yet complying with the strictest hygienic demands.

NIEROS® first-class transportation solutions cover all industries with strict hygienic demands, medical, pharmaceutical and food industry in particular. On that note, NIEROS® hand pallet truck, whose lightweight and ergonomic design with a hydraulic lift unit and 90⁰ handle produces minimal friction and noise levels, is a perfect short-distance pallet transport for any warehouse, production plant and store within food processing and other industries.

NIEROS® high-quality stainless steel transport equipment is safe, easy to clean and user-friendly—the perfect answer to the problems regarding cargo handling.