Transport systems

Achieving superior performance to save time and money is a focal point of any production process, food processing industry in particular. Careful material flow planning for the items to move along the production line as smoothly as possible is of vital importance in building an effective transport system and increasing productivity.

NIEROS® transport systems are modular, enabling smooth and optimized material flow to any production industry in need of transporting materials along the production line. NIEROS® experts help you plan, design and implement fully customized transport systems, horizontal and vertical, that correspond to your specific needs and objectives, industry, technology and production process specifics as well as to the size of your production area.

NIEROS® distinguishes between the following transport systems:

  • Crate, box, pallet box and IBC container transporters
  • Product transporters


  • High capacity
  • Fully customized
  • Economical use of space in the production area
  • Smooth and optimized material flow
  • Low energy consumption
  • Performance optimization
  • Ergonomic design for better comfort and productivity