Apron Cleaners

NIEROS® apron cleaning machines ensure effective disinfection of aprons and work uniforms in any production process in need of complying with the highest hygiene standards.

NIEROS® manual and automatic cleaning technology is a winning combination, designed to efficiently wash and sterilize aprons, uniforms, footwear and other small objects, thus minimizing the risk of product contamination in the food processing industry.

NIEROS® apron cleaning machine together with a washing cabin greatly facilitates the washing of aprons since the dispersion system allows the cleaning agent and water to be sprayed over the brushes simultaneously, optimizing the operating costs through minimum time and energy consumption. Constructed in high-quality stainless steel, NIEROS® equipment cleaning machines are indispensable to your production process, providing ultimate hygiene of the work equipment for you to meet the strictest HACCP, IFS and NSF International standards.