Empty Crate Warehouse Systems

NIEROS® automated warehouse for storing clean, empty Euro stacking containers or plastic crates is specifically designed for production areas in need of substantial storage capacity while addressing the strictest hygienic demands of HACCP, IFS, NSF and other similar standards at the same time. Its flexible configuration units allow for the storage capacity and dimensions to be fully customized to your specific needs and even be increased later on, if necessary.


  • Available in custom capacity and dimensions
  • Maximum conveyor speed: up to 25 m/min
  • Standard number of rows: 40 
  • Standard number of boxes in a row: 8 
  • Multiple entry and exit points
  • Digitally monitored
  • Display and printout of all operational data
  • Barcode (RFID) destination tracking
  • Fast software customization

NIEROS® fully automated warehouse system designed to store clean, empty Euro stacking containers or plastic crates is available in custom capacity and dimensions. At a conveyor speed of up to 25 metres per minute, the units are digitally monitored providing the display and printout of all operational data. All NIEROS® automated warehouse systems have multiple entry and exit points fully monitored by RFID destination tracking while their simple yet accurate order picking system follows the principles of FIFO inventory management. At the same time, robust and compact stainless steel construction ensures maximum space utilization and easy maintenance.