Footwear Cleaning

NIEROS® footwear cleaning machines guarantee fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, either upon entering or leaving the production area. Being highly efficient, easy-to-use, quick to proceed and cost-effective is a valuable asset to every business in pursuit of impeccable hygiene standards.


  • Easy-to-change brushes, no tools needed
  • Automatic dosage of sanitizer
  • Hygienic design with smooth surface finish 
  • Height adjustable

Available in different cleaning-line lengths and types of brushes to clean either the soles and the sides or the entire footwear, depending on your production specifics, NIEROS® footwear cleaning machines ensure an easy and thorough boot cleaning while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

While sole cleaners come in horizontal brushes activated with the push of a button, industrial boot cleaners have height-adjustable vertical brushes that thoroughly clean both sides of each boot. What is more, some models have a hand brush for manual footwear cleaning. Yet, the most efficient by far is the combination of a footwear cleaning station and additional disinfection unit for cleaning and sanitizing both the soles and sides of the boots. All NIEROS® footwear cleaning machines are constructed in high-quality stainless steel, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning.