NIEROS® washbasins provide efficient handwashing and thus optimal hand hygiene. Made entirely of stainless steel, including the integrated water tap and stable splashback, they are a perfect solution for every industry in pursuit of the highest hygiene standards. 

NIEROS® washbasins feature a wide variety of functions and accessories. Depending on the number of personnel, it is not only possible to choose from single- or multi-place washbasins that can be either floor- or wall-mounted, but one can also select between sensor- and knee-operated washbasins with numerous accessories to further improve the user experience and enhance hygiene efficiency.

  • Delivered ready-to-be-installed
  • Water mixing valve (35 °C to 65 °C)

The larger model in the washbasin collection can be sensor- or knee-operated, single- or double-sided, coming in different sizes, arrangements and the number of sinks for large production areas with a considerable number of personnel, whereas the smaller model is a single washing-place unit suitable for production areas with limited space. All models have a stainless steel water tap, water mixing valve (from 35 °C to 65 °C) and a stable splashback. Last but not least, NIEROS® washbasins also include a model designed to wash all types of utensils such as knife baskets, gloves, other work tools and similar work equipment.