Warehouse Systems

NIEROS® warehouse systems feature comprehensive inbound, storage and order-picking solutions to simplify your warehouse processes, providing quick and easy storage of full or empty Euro stacking containers or plastic crates, Euro-pallets, boxes, cartons and other cargo while maintaining order integrity with accurate and reliable inventory control.

NIEROS® fully customized solutions and expert know-how help you organize and utilize your storage space so as to make every item stored easily traceable and quickly accessible at any given time. We are aware of the importance of a rational and economical use of space and time, which is why all warehouse facilities operate on the “first-in, first-out” (FIFO) principle, ensuring maximum product quality.

Operated automatically or manually, every NIEROS® warehouse system is user-friendly and ergonomic in design, facilitating work tasks of all your employees to increase productivity. Since the storage area is carefully planned and well organized, employing only state-of-the-art technology, it is easy to clean, which in turn significantly improves hygiene conditions.

NIEROS® warehouse system provides quick and easy storage of industrial equipment, exploiting your warehouse space to the maximum. Choosing between gravitational, pick and place and fully automated warehouse system depends primarily upon your storage capacity, facility and space available, and the type of products to be stored. NIEROS® has your warehouse project covered at all production stages—from planning, hardware, commissioning and installation to maintenance, service and repair.

Based on your storage requirements, facilities and resources, you can select between the following modes of operation:

  • manual operation,
  • automatic charging and manual removal,
  • manual charging and automatic removal, or
  • automatic charging and automatic removal.



  • Maximum space utilization
  • Time-costs optimization
  • Effective traceability system
  • Simple and accurate inventory control
  • Quick and efficient order picking
  • Humanized work processes
  • Economical storage management
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy maintenance and low operating costs
  • End-to-end solutions for every storage type
  • Fully integrated with other NIEROS® logistics solutions
  • Tailor-made for client’s specific requirements