Low -pressure cleaning systems

NIEROS® Low-Pressure Cleaning Systems provide easy, quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection of the work area in a diverse range of industries. Not only are they user friendly, easy to install and allow for the choice of a cleaning agent, but their low-pressure water jet allows the system to reach every single corner. The systematic cleaning of up to 80 m2 per minute includes four phases:

  1. Pre-rinsing to remove larger pieces of dirt with the low-pressure water jet,
  2. Foam cleaning to effectively remove the dirt,
  3. Rinsing with clean water,
  4. Disinfection of the cleaned surface.

Available as either central or decentral, NIEROS® low-pressure cleaning system prevents aerosol pollution and damage to the equipment. With low-noise levels and water-saving technology, it is a most economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Nieros low pressure cleaning system is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of working areas with sensitive equipment. Cleaning system operates in four steps. First step is pre rinsing to remove large particles of dirt using water jet. Second step is foam cleaning which efficiently removes dirt. Third step is rinsing the foam with clean water and last fourth step is disinfection of clean surface. Pressure cleaning system is useful in all kinds of industry. Low pressure cleaning system is low noise, water saving, economic and ecological way of industrial cleaning.