Low-Pressure Cleaning Systems

NIEROS® low-pressure cleaning systems provide easy, quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection of the work area in a diverse range of industries. Not only are they user-friendly, easy to install and allow for the choice of a cleaning agent, but their low-pressure water jet allows the system to reach every single corner. The systematic cleaning of up to 80 m2 per minute consists of the following four phases:

  1. Pre-rinsing to remove larger pieces of dirt using low-pressure water jet
  2. Foam cleaning to effectively remove the dirt
  3. Rinsing with clean water
  4. Disinfection of the cleaned surface

Available as either central or decentral, NIEROS® low-pressure cleaning system prevents aerosol pollution and damage to the equipment. Low-noise levels and water-saving technology make it a most economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Main and satellite station, a mobile station, hose reels, chemical centre, hoses and spraying guns, chemical canister holders, coupled with other equipment and extras, make NIEROS® low-pressure cleaning system indispensable to any industry with highly sensitive equipment if it is to follow the strictest hygiene standards and latest trends in the business.