Lift Systems

NIEROS® lift systems are a convenient and ergonomic lifting solution, designed to lift different load classes, a height of up to 6 metres for further handling, tilting, dosing or stacking and retrieving.

Every lifting device can be designed as fully mobile to be used in various working environments and for multiple work tasks. The devices can be equipped with a broad assortment of lifting attachments specific to your needs in order to handle different types of bins, barrels, boxes, and various packaging materials.

Lift systems offer lifting solutions for different loads that need to be stacked. Nieros produces four types of lifting devices. Electric single column lifter is made for lifting and handling bins. It has adjustable lifting height and it reduces the risk of injuries to achieve high productivity. Pneumatic single column lifter is designed for environments with flammability hazard. Because it has no electronic components, there is no danger of sparks. It is made for handling barrels, containers, boxes and packages. Lifter and tilter was developed for use in production areas with low ceilings for handling bins, containers, boxes and barrels.