Multipurpose Industrial Washers

NIEROS® multipurpose washing machines are a convenient solution for any business with diverse items to be washed such as euro crates, euro bins, euro pallets, IBC containers and others. Built as multipurpose appliances, they are available in tunnel or cabin version.

  • Crate, Bin and Pallet Washer CLT Multi
  • Pallet Box and Stacking Container Washer CLT PB
  • Pallet Box and Bin Washer CLK 800
  • Utensil Washer CLU
  • Waste Bin Washer CLT WB

Sustainable development, placed at the heart of NIEROS® business, inspired us to equip our industrial washers with a water recycling system to reduce fresh water and energy consumption; a double filtering system to trap dirt particles; and low water protection device preventing damage to the machine in case of insufficient water level. What is more, NIEROS® industrial crate, pallet, container, bin and utensil washers are sanitized with hot water at 85 °C to achieve superior hygiene in any production area, food and pharmaceutical industry in particular.