Full Crate and Pallet Warehouse Systems

Depending on the type of product stored as well as space, facility and storage capacity, NIEROS® provides you with three types of warehouse systems to effectively store full Euro stacking containers, plastic crates and Euro-pallets:

  • Gravitational warehouse (manual, semi-automated)
  • Pick and place warehouse (fully automated)
  • Fully automated warehouse

While gravitational warehouse systems, designed for production areas of small storage capacity needs and limited space, exploit the gravitation to move full Euro stacking containers, crates and pallets along the rollers, pick and place warehouse system is fully automated and robotized, meeting the needs of small storage capacity yet substantial and heavy-duty loads. The third option, however, is NIEROS® fully automated warehouse, designed to cover substantial storage needs. Having multiple entry and exit points fully monitored by RFID destination tracking, it features simple and accurate order picking following the principles of FIFO inventory management.