Full Crate and Pallet Warehouse Systems

Depending on the type of product stored as well as space, facility and storage capacity, NIEROS® provides you with three types of warehouse systems to effectively store full crates or pallets.

  • Gravitational warehouse (manual, semi-automated, fully automated)
  • Pick and place warehouse (fully automated)
  • Fully automated warehouse

Nieros provides three types of warehouse systems for storage of full crates or pallets. Which warehouse system is suitable for customer needs depends on type of product that is stored, space, facility and storage capacity. We offer gravitational warehouse that can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated. It is suitable for small storage capacity needs with small storage space. Second type is pick and place warehouse which is fully automated and is made for small storage capacity needs with heavy duty loads. Third option is fully automated warehouse which is best option for substantial storage needs.