Cleaning apron machine SWM at Nieros

Cleaning apronCleaning apron machine SWM is intended for automatic apron cleaning and has many benefits:

  • washing up apron SWM machine is strong, quick and functional,
  • SWM cleaning aprons and uniforms machine is energy and time efficient,
  • chemical containers are hidden in the interior of the machine,
  • automatic apron cleaning machine has an adaptable dosage system,
  • the distance proximity sensors for activation are also adaptable,
  • cleaning apron machine SWM is very safe to use, since the safety rail prevents any accidents,
  • cleaning and changing of the brush is simple.

The dimensions of the Nieros cleaning aprons and uniforms machine are 1985 x 500 x 880 mm (L x W x H), brushes are 154 x 1273 mm, the connection voltage is 3 x 400V/50 Hz. For more technical information visit our website or contact our staff.


How to use cleaning apron machine SWM

Are you interested in how to wash aprons? The procedure is very simple. Cleaning apron machine SWM has two brushes, which rotate horizontally. The machine turns on when you approach it and trigger two activation sensors (adjustable). In the next step the dispersion system (the dosage is also adjustable) sprays detergent and water over the brushes and the cleaning begins.

How to wash apronsCleaning aprons, uniforms and boots cabin SWK

Cleaning aprons, uniforms and boots cabin SWK is used as an apron cleaning machine, but is also practical for cleaning boots, uniforms and other small objects, like buckles, belts etc. Cleaning aprons, uniforms and boots cabin SWK is constructed from stainless steel and includes several components:

  • wash area,
  • side screens for less spillage,
  • wash tub with separate board for boots,
  • grate,
  • lateral hooks for easier cleaning,
  • manual brushes with a water valve for the cleaning of aprons, uniforms and boots.

Cleaning apron cabin SWK is also available as cleaning apron machine with automatic sole cleaner.

How to use cleaning aprons, uniforms and boots cabin SWK

Cleaning apron machine SWK is not an automatic machine like cleaning apron machine SWM, so how to wash aprons is a matter of your choice. First the aprons are hung on the hangers and then we manually clean the dirt with the practical brush and water valve.

Both – cleaning apron machine SWM and cleaning aprons, uniforms and boots cabin SWK – can be used in combination with an apron dryer stand or apron dryer locker.