Hygiene stations – the necessity

Hygiene stationHygiene stations are used for hand soaping and washing, hand disinfection and for footwear cleaning and disinfection. Hand hygiene stations are used in different industries to assure a clean and safe environment for the employees and others involved. Hand hygiene statistics show that there is still poor hygiene among many workers, furthermore the hand hygiene statistics indicate that many diseases could be avoided if people followed the proper standards and used hygiene stations.

Where we really can’t overlook the importance of perfect hygiene: production of food, in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, in public toilets etc. Improper hand disinfection can lead to several serious illnesses, like salmonella, E. coli and norovirus, which can cause diarrhoea and some respiratory infections.

A hygiene station stand ensures that all the germs are removed and can’t be transmitted from person to person.

Disquieting hand hygiene statistics

Hand hygiene statistics are done annually to check the level of hygiene among people and are mostly disquieting. They show that many public, food or health workers still don’t use hygiene station stands and often fail the demands for proper hand hygiene. Statistics also show low hygiene after using the publish restrooms, which leads to alleviated risks of spreading harmful microorganisms.

Hand hygiene statistics indicate that the proper use of hygiene stations significantly lowers the possibility of hand/touch transmitted diseases and microorganisms which might be harmful to our health, so using them is often not only recommended, but also necessary.

Hand hygiene statisticsHygiene stations at Nieros

At Nieros we offer several hygiene stations:

  • Hygicontrol HC: this is a double lane hygiene station for larger production plants, which enables a controlled passage of the workers in both ways,
  • Hygicontrol Compact HC/C is a hygiene station for larger production plants, which combines the functions of hand and sole disinfection,
  • Hygicontrol HC/XL is a hygiene station for the largest production plants (up to 300 workers in 10 minutes), enables a simultaneous entry of two people and combines the hand disinfection and footwear cleaning,
  • Hygicontrol HC/XXL is a triple lane hygiene station for the largest production plants (walk-through boot cleaner + hand disinfection),
  • Hygicontrol UDK is a hygiene station for smaller and middle sized production plants (up to 150 workers in 10 minutes),
  • Hygicontrol URK is a hygiene station for hand disinfection and sole cleaning for smaller and middle sized production plants,
  • Hygicontrol URK/W is a hygiene station, which offers a combination of hand soaping, rinsing, disinfection and sole cleaning. It can be used for up to 50 workers in 10 minutes.