Never a better time to update your hygiene practices

In the time when we are facing new threats from the world of microbes and viruses, good hygiene practices are again coming to the fore. Not that there was a time when they weren't important, yet most of us have been guilty of cutting corners in this field in the recent past, one way or another. Those times have now come to an end and this provides us with the opportunity to look at our hygiene practices and update our existing hygiene technologies and systems. Whether at home or in the workplace, now is the time to invest heavily in proper hygiene.

Starting with basic hand washing

As tedious as it sounds, no amount of technology can replace vigilant hand washing. Therefore it is worth investing time and effort in educating your team or employees about hand sanitation and disinfection, as well as implement routines and rules which will ensure good practices are followed throughout your business. The number of public places adorned with posters about proper hand hygiene has sky-rocketed in recent weeks and months, yet it can't hurt to reiterate the twenty second soap and hot water rule. Depending on the type of your business, you might also consider installing hand sanitising stations at crucial points in the production process. These include washbasins with running water and all necessary accessories, driers and disinfection stations. The most important thing is to establish a routine where each employee is required to complete all the necessary steps, every time.

Hand cleaning stations

There is one huge difference when it comes to comparing hand sanitation at home and at work. While risk of infection is sometimes more present in private spaces, the responsibility to prevent any risk to public health is infinitely greater in any business or company. That's why carefully planning hygiene practices is a good idea, of course followed by implementation of sanitation stations and taking full advantage of the latest hygiene technologies. Businesses producing items for human consumption, such as food and medicine, are especially vulnerable to bad hygiene practices and should take their sanitation protocols even more seriously. There are many different solutions on the market. At Nieros, we are fully aware of the different needs and scales of various businesses, so we offer everything from compact all-in-one sanitasing stations to seperate components such as washbasins, hand dryers, automatic soap dispensers, waste basket stations, paper towel dispensers and the like.

hygiene station

The materials we use are just as important as the technology

Our products are made of high-quality stainless steel, to ensure maximum protection from infection, easy and effective cleaning. They are designed with the thought of frequent use and are therefore compact, effective, easy to fill and clean, and even easier to use. Many of our products are electrically operated, meaning they dispense cleaning solution, turn on running water or dry hands automatically, without the need for a physical touch. While there is nothing wrong with traditional mechanical dispesers, we find that most businesses prefer automatised solutions in their hygiene technology in order to further minimise any risks of spreading microbes. All the accessories, such as paper towel holders or waste bins, can be combined either with industrial grade washbasins or with hygiene stations which bring all necessary steps together in one single station. The important thing is to find the best solution for your business. This means taking into account both the nature of your production and other working processes, as well as the number of employees and their patterns of movement throughout the day.

Sanitation and sterilization – hygiene stations for different purposes

There are many hygiene technologies and solutions out there, and which ones you will chose of course depends on the type of your business. From footware cleaning and drying stations to changing room equipment and low pressure cleaning systems, and all the way to sterilizers for working equipment – Nieros has you covered. As a reliable and responsible manufacturer and seller of hygiene equipment in high-quality stainless steel, we are confident we can help you find the right solution to secure the entry and exit points of your production process, as well as reinforce good hygiene practices where needed within the process itself. We pride ourselves in offering top quality, easily implementable solutions at reasonable prices, to help you ensure your hygiene practices meet every required standard. Our consistent quality solutions have led us to be present in over 30 countries world-wide, as we continue to expand our market and the family of trusted clients.