Industrial storage racks are designed specially for warehouses


Industrial storage racks are designed for carrying heavy loads and are mostly used in industrial warehouses. Loading and unloading industrial storage racks can be done by automatic system or manually. Storage racks for warehouses have adjustable grids 200 mm and standard rack height is 1800 mm. Each rack in warehouse accommodates up to 9 shelves. Industrial storage racks have two depths: 430 mm and 550 mm, and twelve rack lengths, from 600 mm to 1900 mm. Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight.

Special industrial storage system solutions for cold storages

Industrial storage racks contain system extensions with additional racks and angle reinforcement. You can also choose from specially designed storage racks that are not only optimal for cold storages, but also for commission rooms with limited area.


There are a variety of storage and warehouse system solutions available

Industrial storage racks are suitable for a variety of different industries and offer economic managing of space and storage process. In addition, automated storages assure quick order picking and computer monitoring. But not only that, with technologically advanced industrial storage racks you can also trace the products anywhere in the warehouse.

There are two types of automated industrial warehouse storage systems:

  • storage racks for automated warehousing storage and
  • warehousing industrial systems

Advantages of industrial storage racks and shelvings

Industrial storage systems offer easy and efficient storing. Industrial storage racks make optimal space utilization of warehouses. Industrial storage racks can be installed without any structural changes to buildings warehouses, consequently the cost of investment are lower. In addition, industrial storage racks offer high hygiene standard in warehouses due to easy cleaning and maintenance of the area in the warehouse.

Industrial storage racks are mostly made of stainless steel that ensures long life-span. Moreover, all our industrial storages meet HACCP standard. Take a look at our web site and see a variety of different storages and shelving.

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