Industrial washer is crucial to prevent cross-contamination in the production area

Industrial washer is crucial for hygiene in various industries, especially food processing enterprises. Superior hygiene is necessary in such places, and implementing it entails effort and commitment. Every step of the production must be carefully planned - from receiving the raw materials to finished product delivery. Industrial wash systems guarantee hygienic cleanliness without compromise. They give a positive overall impression, ensure consumer safety and maintain operational safety. Food processing industry has unique conditions that require distinctive measures.

That means that everything food comes in contact with must be kept meticulously clean - including crates, pallets, bins, trolleys, knives, etc. A methodical and professional approach is necessary when choosing a sanitation system. Carefully selected industrial washing equipment removes germs and prevents them from spreading. It also reduces the pathogenic microorganisms to the amount that is not a health hazard or eliminates them. When undertaken correctly, hygiene systems reduce the risk of microbial or other contamination, are easy to manage and are cost-effective. Increased hygiene standards and sanitation demands prevent cross-contamination and maintain high standards.

Industrial washer

Professional industrial wash systems guarantee efficiency, quality and reliability

Industrial washing equipment is an essential part of any industry where hygiene is paramount and precision imperative. The apparatuses ensure that dirty items are washed thoroughly and quickly. The professional industrial washer is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective machine. It complies with the highest standards of the industry and certificates such as ISO 9001, HACCP, IFS and NFS. Industrial cleaning machines guarantee efficient energy use, high performance and quality.

Fully comprehensive models have a superior performance during the cleaning process and user-friendly operation with adjustable parameters. Low maintenance costs and easy cleaning are the result of high-quality built-in parts. Industrial wash systems come in different shapes and sizes and can be multipurpose, specialised or fully customised. While multipurpose and specialised units are used for cleaning plastic crates, moulds, trays, racks, boxes, pallets and baskets, fully customised equipment is tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements and needs. To ensure maximum hygiene, the sanitation units are geared to the latest technology.

industrial wash systems

Industrial washing equipment offers sustainable and environmentally friendly features

Industrial wash systems are fully comprehensive, adjustable and convenient solutions to ensure the safety of consumers and personnel. The unique apparatuses are multipurpose washers, total cleaning solutions, item-specific washers, specialised machines and sanitisers. The multipurpose industrial washer is a practical solution for any production area or business with diverse items to clean. These can include Eurobins, IBC containers, Euro-pallets, Euro stacking containers, plastic crates, Eurobins and much more.

As multipurpose machines, they are available in cabin or tunnel versions. Total cleaning solutions are the ideal choice where ultimate hygiene is needed. They offer superior performance with eco and user-friendly operation. The units are high-quality stainless steel with multiple additional safety and sustainable features. Highly durable and functional equipment is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The unit has a water recycling system, a low water protection device and a double filtering system to secure environmental safety. Item-specific industrial washing equipment offers a first-class solution to businesses with distinct items or materials needing to be cleaned.

These apparatuses can deliver superior cleaning results while accommodating a wide range of products. These results were achieved by sustainable features, high drying capacity, efficient washing and rinsing zone and diverse adjustable attachments. To guarantee the best results, each model comes in an array of options with additional equipment. Utilising speciality chemicals can effectively clean any object. Sanitisers can introduce sanitising to the production area while functioning as an independent or modular unit. Stainless steel industrial sanitisers are state-of-the-art equipment for cleaning diverse vacuum-packed products.

industrial washing equipment

Multipurpose industrial washer reduces water consumption by reusing fresh rinse water

Industrial washing equipment can be multipurpose. Such machines are incredibly convenient for businesses with differing items to be cleaned. Advanced cleaning solutions are multipurpose apparatuses available in cabin or tunnel models. Their sustainable development is achieved in many ways - by a water recycling system, low water protection device and a double filtering system.

The water recycling system reuses fresh rinse water, effectively reducing water consumption. The appliance collects the rinse water for the pre-wash or cleaning phase. Low water level protection stops the unit if there is an insufficient water level, preventing damage and overheating. Double filtering systems ensure that water flowing through the pump contains no dirt particles, prolonging the pump’s lifespan.

For optimal hygiene, the industrial washer sanitises items with hot water at 85°C. There are four multipurpose machines - pallet box and stacking container, pallet box and bin, utensil and waste bin cleaner. They all ensure a thorough cleaning and drying process of various containers, boxes and their lids. IP65 protection makes the units enduring and reliable. The industrial wash systems are made of stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) with a smooth finish and offer adjustable height, cleaning and rinsing parameters.