Industrial washing

Industrial washingIndustrial washing is more efficient than home washing. It is a system that automatically washes cleaning aprons and uniforms, but also mechanical parts, utensils and other equipment. They remove oil stains, metal fillings and dust, thus providing safe and clean equipment for any business. With the technological development the industrial washing machines have become extremely efficient, at the same time industrial washer and dryer prices have lowered and so removed another obstacle in the purchase.

Industrial washing machines at Nieros

Industrial washing machines at Nieros are simple and versatile, appropriate for any business or need. We offer high quality industrial washing machines:

  • tunnel industrial washing machines: they are used for washing crates and similar products of different sizes; we offer several tunnel industrial washing machines varieties for 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000 or 2000 crates per hour;
  • cabin industrial washing machines for washing buggies and containers; they are very efficient and ensure small water and energy consumption;
  • industrial tray washers are industrial washing machines for different number of trays, but also for crates and cheese moulds,
  • industrial utensils washers: we offer two industrial utensils washers, one for automatic cleaning and sterilization of smaller number of dishes, pots, rates, knife baskets, small machine parts and similar objects, and one for larger number of utensils;
  • industrial boot wash station: is an industrial washing machines for boots.

We also offer additional equipment for industrial washing machines and some special washing machines:

  • washing machine for live poultry boxes,
  • universal industrial washer machine for crates, palettes and buggies,
  • industrial washing machine for crates and chocolate moulds,
  • industrial washing machine for barrels and covers,
  • industrial washing machine for large containers,
  • industrial washing machine for smoking sticks,
  • industrial washer machine for smoke trolleys.

Industrial washer and dryer prices are lower than drycleaner’s prices

Industrial washer and dryer pricesWith the technological advancement the industrial washer and dryer prices have become much lower and affordable for any business. What’s more the industrial washer and dryer prices are much lower that regular visits to the professional drycleaners. At Nieros we offer different types of industrial washing machines, as well as the hygiene stations and other equipment for different purposes and of the highest quality. If you’re interested in more information or exact hygiene stations, equipment, industrial washer and dryer prices, feel free to contact our friendly staff at any time.