Item-Specific Washers

Available in tunnel or cabin version, NIEROS® item-specific washing machines are a first-class solution for any business with specific items of similar shape, size and material to be washed.

All NIEROS® industrial washers feature adjustable nozzles, sideguards and hold-down attachments to accommodate a wide range of products and deliver superior cleaning results. A variety of options and additional equipment is available with each model, but it is the high washing capacity and sustainable features such as water recycling system, collecting rinse water to be used in the washing or pre-washing phase, that make NIEROS® industrial washers pass with flying colours.

While NIEROS® crate washers have electric water heating and automatic detergent dispenser, pallet washers also hold brushes for thorough pallet surface cleaning. Efficient washing and rinsing zone, coupled with automatized loading and unloading of bins and other comparable items, makes NIEROS® bin washers and other industrial washers a decided asset in the success of your business.