The intricate web of demands in food processing

Food processing industries face one of the most challenging set of regulations and standards out there, probably only surpassed by the pharmaceutical industry. This is of course logical, as human consumption is among the most delicate fields an industry can cater to. At Nieros, we are experts in designing and manufacturing different solutions for warehouse logistics and transport systems, as well as systems for safe handling of materials. We follow the progress in food processing technology to enable swift and elegant upgrades to existing food processing lines. Combined with our hygiene solutions and industrial washing systems, our logistics systems present the perfect platform for safe and energy efficient food production.

Food processing lines and transport systems

The main goal of food processing lines is to ensure fast, safe and reliable handling of material for efficient production. In order to achieve the optimal results, food processing lines need to be assembled on a case by case level. Nevertheless, many companies employ similar processes, which greatly reduces the cost of putting up a food processing line. At Nieros, we have been closely following the development of food processing technologies for years, building on our knowledge and adding to our body of experience. This makes us a very reliable partner for newcomers to the field, as well as for long established companies which are looking to renew or update their processing lines. As they are closely linked to transport systems, we make sure that our different solutions are highly compatible and modular.

food processing lines


Transport - safe, quick, customized

When it comes to transport of material to and along the food processing line, there can be no mistakes. Every line is different, according to its material, capacity, productivity, types of processes, etc. Transporting material is an especially delicate part of the process, as it presents an opportunity for contamination. This is why at Nieros, we have developed high performing transport systems to be implemented in the food industry. They are mostly designed as modular systems in order to be able to adapt as closely as possible to specific needs of each food processing line, thus saving time, energy and money. We believe every transport system and food processing line must allow at least partial customization to achieve the maximum efficiency. Our transport systems are designed to use with standardized transporting units, such as Euro crate, Euro pallet box, and IBC container transporters.

Warehouse logistics for safe and cost effective storage

In food processing industry, warehouse logistics are first and foremost centred around safety. As well as covering the usual transport, ready availability and flow of goods, warehouse logistic systems cover controlling temperature, humidity, as well as organisation of goods according to their expiration date, and maximizing the use of available space. As far as working staff, every warehouse involved in food processsing also needs an effective entry and exit point to ensure additional safety from contamination of materials. An efficient warehouse system is about more than just storing, but also about moving and delivering the goods required to keep the food processing lines running at the optimal capacity. For additional safety and easy handling, Nieros offers a wide range of products to be used in a warehouse facility, from worktables, bins and container, to trolleys and railings. All our items are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and comply with all the latest HACCP, IFS and NSF standards.

Bringing it all together for optimisation of the work process

As food processing industry needs to comply with so many different demands, it is often welcome to find solutions for different problems in one place. That is why at Nieros we take care to take as many possible aspects of the process as possible into account, thus producing a wide range of solutions, from hygiene systems to industrial washing machines, customized solutions for handling materials, transport systems, warehouse logistics and food processing lines. Alas, there would be no point in ensuring strict care for safety of materials without preventing contamination coming from employees further down the line. That is why we have also been developing systems and protocols at entry and exit points for workers in the food processing lines or those otherwise involved in the process, with additional sanitising stations through the process, as needed. We are always happy to collaborate with our customers to plan, design and deliver the best possible combination of systems and machines for their particular needs.