Material handling devices

NIEROS® material handling equipment represents comprehensive solutions for lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, applicable to a wide range of production processes to create time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials.

Enabling humanization of work processes and economical management, they are a first-class solution for a variety of production-oriented industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, veterinary and others.

Developing and producing high-quality stainless steel material handling devices for over three decades ranks NIEROS® among the most reliable and trustworthy of partners. Putting your needs and specifics of your production processes first, we provide you with fully customized solutions that conform to the strictest hygienic and safety standards


  • Easier and safer working conditions
  • Increased productivity and workflow
  • Low injury risk and reduced labour costs
  • Fully customized solutions to meet your every need
  • Produced in-house
  • In compliance with the highest quality requirements

Nieros material handling equipment is vital in all kinds of industries. Material handling devices simplify working processes and minimize possibility of injuries. They offer great solutions for handling all kind of loads. We produce material handling devices for lifting, tipping, tilting and transportation of industrial equipment like pallets, bins, containers, boxes and packages. All devices are made of stainless steel so they are suitable for use in food, pharmaceutical industry and others where hygiene level has to be optimal. They can be customized according to customer needs.