Tunnel washer system is cost-effective, efficient and sustainable equipment

Tunnel washer system is cost-effective, efficient and sustainable equipment

The tunnel washer system is a versatile batch washer designed to endure heavy-duty loads. Industrial washing machine is a perfect solution for industry settings where hygiene is crucial, and cross-contamination is a threat. Such systems ensure that the vital equipment is cleaned to the highest standards. They were manufactured to handle many washes per day without impacting quality. A reliable and multifaceted system has one primary function - to sanitise equipment.

Because of its incredible versatility and flexibility, it is used in various industries, including pharmaceutical, medical and food. A drying tunnel for crates provides excellent levels of hygiene and sanitation, which is essential in food processing facilities. Valuable machinery has many benefits and can be integrated with additional equipment to suit your application. Tunnel dryer for sale here at NIEROS® helps increase productivity and efficiency by offering thorough cleaning and quick turnaround.

Tunnel washer system

Benefits of incorporating a tunnel washer system into your production line

The tunnel washer system is designed to handle large capacity and can be configured to include multiple stages of washing and drying. It is essential in any industry that requires optimal hygiene and where precision is imperative. The tunnel dryer for sale in our company is a fully comprehensive, efficient machine offering superior cleaning performance, low operating costs and user-friendly operation. A refined system ensures that the items are washed and dried quickly and thoroughly.

Multipurpose machines are designed using the latest technology. That allows them to meet many requirements or specific needs of a production. The apparatuses are modular and can be adjusted. That guarantees sustainability in any production area. Fully comprehensive industrial washing solutions have efficient energy use and optimal water consumption.

Together with drying equipment, they comply with various certificates and standards such as IFS, HACCP, ISO 9001, and NFS. Because it is designed to handle many cycles quickly, the washing apparatus increases productivity and efficiency, resulting in lower labour costs. It also improves cleaning quality and enhances the safety of the production. Drying tunnel for crates is a significant part of cleaning solutions preventing the growth of microbes and bacteria. It is also energy-efficient, which can further contribute to lower energy use.


The tunnel washer system is a result of sustainable development

Tunnel washer systems can be multipurpose or item-specific. The multipurpose equipment is a convenient solution for any business. It allows the washing of numerous diverse items such as plastic crates, IBC containers, Eurobins, Euro stacking containers, Euro-pallets, and others. The systems are available in tunnel or cabin versions and are a sustainable development.

Meaning they have a water recycling system that reduces energy and freshwater consumption. The environmentally friendly solution has a double filtering system to trap dirt particles and a low water protection device. Such a device prevents damage to the apparatus in case of insufficient water level. Item-specific washers are for items of similar shape, size and material. To accommodate a wide range of products, they feature adjustable nozzles and hold-down attachments. Even though such apparatuses are incredibly sufficient, they are almost always completed with a drying tunnel for crates or other items.

Sophisticated solutions as these aim towards superior performance. Fully customisable machines are made of resistant stainless steel and are adaptable to local electrical standards. “Tunnel dryer for sale at low prices” or “Tunnel dryer - best price” are tempting headlines, but before buying the equipment, select the right one. The proper equipment for your production area is the one that not only allows you to work at maximum capacity but is also reliable and helps you reduce the cost of the operation. Those features often require a more considerable initial investment.


Tunnel dryer for sale at NIEROS® effectively complements any industrial washing process

The tunnel washer system needs a highly efficient drying tunnel for crates or other products. Specialised machines are a key to superior performance and optimal cleanliness. They were developed, designed and customised to meet the requirements and expectations of various industries. Appliances are an imperative part of baking, fish and seafood, dairy, chemical, fruit and vegetable, meat and many other sectors. Solutions are made of stainless steel and were designed to be an independent or modular unit of a broader washing apparatus.

Each tunnel dryer for sale at NIEROS® offers additional equipment and a variety of options. They guarantee sustainable features, high drying capacity, and low operating costs. A drying tunnel for crates and a drying machine use a unique airflow system to remove residual water from washed items, leaving them completely dry. The two most popular drying tunnels are IBC Drying Tunnel ABT IBC and Vacuum-Packed Item Blow-off Tunnel ABT VP.

Appliances completely dry any metal or vacuum-packed items after a thorough wash. Residual water is effectively removed from the items using accelerated air, blowing through a sophisticated air-nozzle and airflow system. Depending on the model, they can accommodate different numbers of items and can work independently as a separate unit.

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