Storage systems for a variety of different industries

Storage systems are essential to keeping the items on stock organized. Furthermore, with good storage system, warehouse is more effective and productive. In Nieros, we offer a diverse range of storage system solutions for numerous industries. In addition, we provide expert advice on how to make your industrial storage system more effective and organized. We also ensure that items in storage are easily traceable and quickly accessible at any given time. Because we are aware of the importance of time and space, every storage system operates on “first-in, first-out” (FIFO) principle, ensuring maximum product quality.

User friendly design and durability of automated storage systems

Our storage systems are user friendly and ergonomic in design, facilitating work tasks of your employees and increasing productivity. Since the storage area is carefully planned and well organized, employing only state-of-the-art technology, it is easy to clean, which in turn significantly improves hygiene conditions, especially important for food industry.

Warehouse storage systems
Numerous advantage of storage system solutions for warehouses

When buying our storage system solution, you can choose between manual and automatic operation. The benefits of our storage system solutions are many. It all starts with maximum space utilization, time-cost optimisation and effective traceability system. Furthermore, our storage system solutions offer simple and accurate inventory control, quick and efficient order picking, humanized work processes and economical storage management. Due to the flexible configuration, it is easy to maintain and clean. As a consequence, keeping high hygiene standard is not a problem. In addition, there are end-to-end solutions for every storage type offered. And last but not least – we can produce tailor-made storage system solutions for client’s specific requirements, which makes our offer even more attractive.


Storage system solutions are broad, do not hesitate to require

Our offer of warehouse storage system solutions is broad. Don't hesitate to inquire about storage systems or any other products the we offer. Take a look at our web site and see the solutions we have prepared for you. Not only are there rack storage systems available, but also fully automated storage systems. We kindly invite you to send us an e-mail regarding all your questions and information that you need. We will be happy to help you.

Storage systems