Hand disinfectant dispenser prevents contamination and reduces the costs

Hand disinfectant dispenser and hygiene go hand in hand. A mechanism that dispenses sanitizer to a person is a simple yet effective measure to prevent cross-contamination and protect the personnel from hazardous substances, germs, bacteria and viruses. Hygiene solutions with soaping, washing, drying and disinfecting should always be mandatory.

Hands are an ideal environment for bacteria, pathogens and germs to grow, so sanitizing cannot be overemphasized. It is vital to ensure proper hygiene in all production areas. Disinfection and washing can be achieved through innovative technology such as hand washing station. The unique solution guarantees optimal cleanliness, reduces water consumption and enables considerable savings.

The absence of simple things such as automatic hand washer and dryer can lead to poor hygiene on production lines, which results in subpar products and reflects on revenue. Implementing a sanitary station is a vital element for good business. It complies with quality and safety standards, improves productivity, reduces costs, protects the environment, and ensures product quality.


What should your hand washing station entail?

A hand washing station is a state-of-the-art solution preventing contamination in production areas. It was designed to direct the personnel how to use it, and prevent insufficient cleaning. For optimal cleanliness, the station should entail a washbasin, automatic hand washer and dryer, disinfectant dispenser and a few accessories. Hand hygiene control solutions effectively meet HACCP, IFS and NSF standards. Illuminated sanitization chamber, stainless steel nozzles, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) turnstiles and automatic dosage, were manufactured for longevity and easy cleaning.

Washbasins made entirely of stainless steel have stable splash-back and integrated water taps. Such a solution is not just ideal for every industry but is also cost-effective. They feature a variety of functions and are delivered ready to be installed. Washbasins must be completed with an eco-friendly and highly hygienic dryer. The 12 seconds of drying process removes 99.9% of bacteria from the air. Swift and effective drying, results in lower emissions and operating costs without paper waste. Hand disinfectant dispenser guarantees easy and quick disinfection.

The machine is for washing or sanitation only, or it can combine both. Various models with smooth surface finish are adjustable to different electric power distributions. All of the sanitary equipment offers a diverse range of add-on units that perfectly fit the needs of your business process, including wastebaskets, universal agent dispensers, paper towel dispensers and paper roll holders.

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What automatic hand washer and dryer is best for your facility?

The hand washing station was designed to enhance hygiene practices and refine the user experience. They are available in various models to meet smaller and larger production requirements and guarantee impeccable hygiene. A wide range of premium-quality equipment was ergonomically designed to ensure established sanitary practices. That means the machines are floor- or wall-mounted, self-standing and sensor- or knee-operated. They are also modular, which means they combine multiple functions in one and are compatible with other sanitation machines.

Automatic hand washer and dryer ensure washing and disinfection that meet the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF and other laws. The cleaning process starts with thorough soaping and rinsing under running water. A hand disinfectant dispenser that automatically disposes sanitizer is the final step. Access to the sensitive zone is granted after intensive and correct (both hands inside the machine) disinfection by the motorized turnstile.

Which model is best for you depends on the needs and the size of your production line. Models were designed and manufactured for comfortable use, providing sufficient space between disinfection units and a turnstile passage. They are made from durable material with a long life span that successfully withstands the pressure of a larger capacity.


How will you benefit from a hand disinfectant dispenser and hygiene station?

hand washing station is a comprehensive and straightforward way to mandate personal hygiene in a production area. Germs, bacteria, pathogens and viruses can be reduced by proper washing, which can slow the spread of many illnesses, including cold and flu. Before introducing washing practices to your personnel, they should obtain comprehensive education. A simple training about the spread of bacteria and germs combined with best hygiene practices will do.

They must use an automatic hand washer and dryer before and after entering the production area, before and after a break or when coming in touch with common surfaces. It has been estimated that a greater portion of infections are caused by hand transmission. Sustainable solutions, such as hand disinfectant dispenser, are essential for a better work environment. They are not beneficial only to the quality of the material or product but also to the business.

With simple disinfectant, the companies are relieved of the financial burden caused by health-related absences. A proper hygiene system also reduces the chance of human error. More often than not, the daily tasks are done on autopilot. With an adequate washing station, the machine will tell the personnel what to do next and if their washing technique is correct and sufficient. Automated solutions will develop incredible sanitary practices and allow employees to get more involved.


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