Hand disinfection and other products for hygiene measures

Hand disinfection is necessary to ensure safe, germ-free work environment. At Nieros we offer several options for hygienic hand disinfection: different hygiene stations, hand disinfectant dispensers and hand disinfectors with controlled entry. We also offer solutions for cleaning and disinfection of tools, room equipment, for cleaning and disinfection of footwear, industrial washing machines, cleaning aprons and other technologically demanding equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and similar industries. We’re holders of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which grants us a responsibility to meet the highest standards. Check our website and contact us if you have any questions regarding hand disinfection, hand disinfectant dispensers or hand disinfection procedure.

Hand disinfectionHand disinfection procedure

Hand disinfection is necessary in healthcare, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and elsewhere where our hands are likely to be contaminated. A thorough hand disinfection procedure is needed in order to remove microorganisms, so that it is safe to handle certain products or to work with people. Hand disinfection includes several compulsory steps. Before the hand disinfection we must remove all rings, bracelets or watches, since they collect microorganisms. The nails have to be cut short, the skin needs to be moisturised (in case of dry skin use a good hand moisturiser). Wash your hands prior to the hand disinfection procedure if your hands look or feel dirty or if you came in contact with a patient who vomited or has diarrhoea. Use soap (which is not a hand disinfector with controlled entry), rinse them and dry them completely. Using products for hygienic hand disinfection on wet skin decrease its efficiency. Then fill your hands with the hand disinfection solution (use hand disinfectant dispenser) and use at least 2 to 4 ml. Many hand disinfection procedure mistakes are connected with the usage of the insufficient amount of hand disinfection solution. Then rub the disinfectant all over your hands (first start with the palms, than move to the backs of your hands, fingers, spaces between the fingers and finish with the forearms).

When to use hand disinfectant dispensers

Hand disinfectant dispensers are used before entering a clean area, before handling food, before and after bedside work, before surgeries and in numerous other circumstances where hand disinfection is required. At Nieros we offer several automatic stations with hand disinfectant dispensers, which can process up to 150 workers within 10 minutes. Next to the hand disinfectant dispensers the automatic stations for hand disinfection use multiple washing through to ensure completely safe and clean environment. When in doubt contact our friendly and professional staff, which will explain and answer all the questions you might have.

Hand disinfector with controlled entry