The great importance of hand hygiene compliance in different industries world-wide

Hand hygiene complianceHand hygiene compliance is crucial to achieve high hygiene standards demanded in different industries world-wide. Especially, hand hygiene compliance is important in food processing and other food-related industries. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a method for collecting and reporting rates of hand hygiene compliance. Furthermore, there is no standard definition od hand hygiene compliance at all. So with all of that it is really hard to ensure proper hand hygiene among different industries.

High-quality hand hygiene monitoring systems for different industries

Proper hand hygiene can be achieved with regular and effective hygiene maintenance. Hand hygiene can be monitored with various of products; such as hand hygiene stands, hand washing machines or hand sterilisers and other products, available on the market.
Due to the great importance of hand hygiene compliance, in Nieros, we are producing hand hygiene systems solutions to improve hand hygiene compliance among different industries around the world. Due to big contamination risk, good hand hygiene compliance is especially important in meat processing industry and other food related industries.

Proper hand hygieneHand hygiene compliance solutions are in compliance with the highest standards known world-wide

All of our hand hygiene solutions are made from high-quality materials and thus very long lasting. In addition, all of our products are in compliance with the highest standards accepted worldwide, such as HACCP, IFS and NSF. Furthermore, our hand hygiene stations and other hand hygiene monitoring systems are easy to clean and to maintain. But not only that, we also assured that our products are user-friendly and time and cost-efficient.

Nevertheless, we are not only providing hand hygiene monitoring systems, but also other hygiene systems solutions. But not only that, in Nieros we are also producing meat processing lines and even warehouse system solutions. Every product produced by Nieros is durable and time and cost-efficient, as well as in compliance with the highest standards, demanded world-wide. In addition, all of our products are also user friendly and safe to use.

Visit our web site and take a look at our hand hygiene compliance solutions for effective hand hygiene, such as hand hygiene stations and other products, we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about our hand hygiene solutions or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information, when needed.