Why do industries rely on industrial washing machines?

When people speak of industrial washers, they often think of laundry washing and drying machines for industrial purposes. However, professsional washing systems encompass a wide range of industrial washers used for many different items and in several different ways. Nieros produces a variety of washing machine systems, from machines which can cover a broad spectrum of tasks, to more complex and custom made machines for specific needs of industrial washing. They are adapted to different scopes of workload as well as different sized spaces. The capacity of our machines can be adapted to fit the needs of a specific business. Outside of laundry services, industrial washing machines are most commonly used in food processing industries, as well as a number of other industries with a high demand for hygiene, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

industrial washing machine

From multipurpose to item specific-washing machines

Nieros industrial washing machines are known for their precision, adaptability, low cost operation, environmental friendliness and easy operability. Through the course of time, we have developed many different washing machine systems to cater to needs of various industries. We offer multipurpose industrial washers, which are the most adaptable and can be used for various items of different sizes. They have proven a convenient choice for businesses requiring frequent washing of crates, containers, pallets and other items. They are built in either tunnel or cabin systems and are easily programmable. Like all of our machines, multipurpose washing systems are energy efficient, and they also come with water recycling systems to ensure the minimum amount of fresh water is waisted during the process of industrial washing. Item-specific washers, on the other hand, are at the opposite spectrum of our products, as they are designed to fit the size, shape and material of specific items as closely as possible. 

Built-in high quality solutions in every product

Between the two extremes, you will find other sanitizers and other specialized industrial washing machines, from sticker removers to blow-off machines and drying tunnels, and many more. All of our products have been carefully designed by our experts, with sustainable operation and high-quality production in mind. Our washing machine systems are built to last and to deliver perfect results time and time again. They are made from high-quality stainless steel, which ensures easy maintenance, and come with incorporated water recycling and double filtering systems to further bring down operational costs and reduce their impact on the environment. 

professional washing machine


In line with every required standard

Depending on the industry, professional washing machines have to comply with a number of industrial standards, which were taken into account during planning and design of our products. ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS are just some of the certificates awarded to our industrial washing machines. Since we mostly cater to food processing industries and pharmaceutical companies, we take required standards extremely seriously and can offer our partners reliable solutions for industrial washing. Adjustable washing parameters ensure that our professional washers can be used for a long time, as the washing process can be adapted through time to fit the changing needs of our clients. Any additional standards required over time can in many cases also be integrated in existing systems, so as to prolong the use of our industrial washers.

What a difference proffesional washing equipment makes

Last but not least, modularity is also an important component of our products. Although we offer numerous professional washers as closed units, there are a number of additional components which can be used with them, as well as the option to assemble a sanitation station in a modular way, with several different machines. That is why we make sure our products are easily combined and complement each other. This makes the number of possible uses of Nieros professional sanitation equipment infinitely higher. We believe that to this day we have designed professional washing machines and sanitizers to fit most of our clients’ needs, but we keep our minds and drawing boards open to any novel and yet unfamiliar requirements. In case you are unable to find the right industrial washing equipment for your business, feel free to contact us and let us in on your specific needs. We will be glad to make a preliminary design proposal using our existing modular components or propose adaptations to professional washing systems we developed in the past, in order to meet your every need.